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Xiaojie Liu(Beijing)

Personal details

Xinjiang University    Architecture

Central South University    Architecture

Xiaojie is Senior Project Manager is Haskoll Head office. After graduating from Master oF Architecture, she worked in well-known architectural design institutions at home and abroad, with solid professional knowledge, good communication and organizational skills, and good cooperation with owners, partners and consultants. Relationships, rich design and management experience in project design especially in the middle and late stages.

Participation in major projects

01 Antaeus Group Hangzhou Jing Mountain Mangrove Resort
02 Antaeus Group Xiamen Mangrove Resort
03 Tahoe Fuzhou Bay Block C Cultural Tourism
04 Shenglong Group Nanjing Huijin Center
05 Nanchang Causeway Bay Plaza
06 Guangzhou Jiazhaoye Tianyu
07 AVIC Sri Lanka Colombo District 3

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