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Aggie Cao(Beijing)

Personal details

Cardiff University Urban Design and Master Planning
Registered Urban Planner

Aggie has a master in urban design from cardiff University, UK and is registered urban planner. She is Director of Product research & Development & planning team and based in Beijing Head office where she leads the whole team. She has 15 years’ experience in urban planning, extensive design and management.  
She specializes in conceptual planning, constructive detailed planning and urban design of different types and sizes, including tourist resorts. In Chongqing Baimashan Project, She successfully helped the client to get the land from government by delivery exact concept design, which won the good reputation. 

Participation in major projects

01 Conceptual Planning of Baimashan High-end Cultural Resort and Leisure Town in Wulong District, Chongqing
02 Conceptual Planning of Changchun Lotus Mountain National Tourism Resort
03 SUNAC Zunhua Town Planning
04 Zhengzhou symbiotic Qinglongshan project concept plan
05 Jiuhuashan Deyutang Meditation Tourism Comprehensive Development Project Construction Planning
06 Shaoxing Meixi Lake Folk Cultures and Leisure Health Park Construction Project Concept Plan
07 Zhangjiakou Huangjiachong Project Concept Plan
08 Constructive detailed planning of Lugu lake scenic area infrastructures 
09 Constructive detailed planning and design of Dongbin Cultural Park in Yonglegong Scenic Spot, Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City
10 Daqing Railway Passenger Transport West Station Urban Design

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