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Sky Zhou(Beijing)

Personal details

The University of Melbourne    Architecture

Since Ms. Sky has graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2014, she has  accumulated professional knowledge and experience in architecture and public interior spatial design. Before Haskoll Beijing, she has worked in Zarch Collaboratives in Singapore. Multi-culture educational background and overseas work experience gave her a open mind and the ability of comprehensive analysis, and she is good at commercial, hotel, and factory refurbishment design.

She has been involved in commercial village,  shopping mall renovation, factory renovation, hotel and resort and cultural and tourism project  design. Which include the Tahoe Commercial Village, Anhui Luan Five Star Resort, Kaifeng Barn  Refurbishment, Shijiazhuang Mianyi Mianer and Huayao Factory Refurbishment and Suning Mall in 3 locations. With strong learning ability, she actively seeks solutions to problems during the design process, and summarise experiences  to work with team to complete the design requrements successfully. 

Participation in major projects

01 Tahoe Fuzhou Bay Mixed-use Development

02 Luan Wanfohu Resort Hotel

03 Kaifeng Barn Refurbishment

04 Shijiazhuang City Renewal

05 Suning Commercial Refurbishment

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