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Molly Mao(Beijing)

Personal details

Harbin Institute of Technology    Architecture

Cardiff University    Urban Design

Since Ms. Molly graduated from Cardiff University in 2014, she has accumulated professional knowledge and experience through participating in various types of design projects. With strong logical analysis ability, she is good at considering the relationship between architecture and urban space from the perspective of urban space. She has rich experience in general plan design, commercial complex, commercial plan and moving line design.

She has been involved in urban planning, commercial complex, shopping mall renovation, cultural and tourism project planning and design. Which include the general plan of Guizhou Dashahe Tourism Resort Launch Area, the planning and design of Evergrande Zidong Commercial Complex, the renovation project of Beijing Saite Shopping Center, and B1 Commercial Street in Chongli Ski Town. She has good communication and expression skills in the design process, she can quickly respond to the needs of the client, and organize and coordinate the design results to successfully meet the requirements of the client.

Participation in major projects

01 Qingdao Mangrove German Town and Awards Hall
02 Penglai Joy Plaza Commercial Building: 9#, 10#, 11#, 12# Commercial Building
03 Guizhou Dashahe Tourist Resort Launch Area
04 Huancuiyu Tourism Master Planning
05 Zhengzhou Science and Technology Market Upgrade
06 Sanya Bay Mangrove Commercial Street Facade Reconstruction 
07 Hengda Zidong Commercial Mixed Use
08 Hengda Water Park
09 Beijing Scitech Shopping Center Refurbishment 
10 Chongli Ski Town B1 Commercial Street

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