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Personal details

Technology Institute of Chihuahua, Mexico Architecture
Beijing International Studies University Chinese 

Ovier is Senior Associate Director of Haskoll Shanghai Office and specialized in sustainable architecture design. 
He is experienced in projects and worked in well-known architectural design companies at home and abroad. 
Ovier is currently finishing up the construction of a 46,000 sqm Museum in Guizhou, China, the construction of an exhibition hall and on the DD phase of an airport terminal in Tongren, china, as well as designing a diverse typology of projects within mainland China. 

Participation in major projects

01 Art Exhibition held at Art Beijing 2014
02 Workshop PKMN(Spain)
03 Landscape Workshop with Mario Schjetnan, Mexico
04 DD phase of an airport terminal in Tongren, China
05 3 Wanda Resort hotels in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

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