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Arthur Zhang(Beijing)

Personal details

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts    Environmental Art Design

Arthur graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Environmental Art Design. He has many experience in large and medium-sized project design both at home and abroad. He has been the project leader of a well-known design institute in China. He has rich project experience in interior design from scheme to project landing.

Arthur is good at interior design of large-scale public construction projects, office projects and various real estate development projects. He has led the team to successfully complete a number of high-quality projects and won the unanimous approval of owners and peers.

Participation in major projects

01 Suning Zhuzhou

02 Huailai Wanyue Shopping Mall

03 Renqiu Shangde Century Center Plaza

04 Sunshine 100 Putian Plaza

05 Jinzhong Pacific Commercial

06 Lanzhou Z.T.J Office Building

07 Wanda Sample Rooms(several locations

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