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Wenliang Zhu(Guangzhou)

Personal details

Class 1 Registered Architect

MSc in Architecture

Zhu Wenliang has nearly 20-year experience of architecture in design institutes and large real estate enterprises. He has been employed by Agile Real Estate Group, MCC real estate, Aoyuan Property and many other famous enterprisesis. As a Class 1 Registered Architect (PRC), Zhu Wenliang hosted all kinds of building type including residence, hotel, mixed use, shopping center, and landscape, having rich experience in both design and management.

Zhu Wenliang deeply understands every parts of builiding industry in China, so he can maximally satisfy the needs of government, developers and users, with a strong focus on clients needs. He has the courage to challenge and actively seeks solutions to problems. With strong learning ability and conclusion ability, he is familiar with the project design process and master the design specifications, and has a deep accumulation of relevant professional knowledge and industry market. He is able to lead the team to cooperate with the owner, various professional teams and consulting companies to complete the design. He is able to organize and coordinate related majors to successfully meet the requirements of the owner.

Participation in major projects

01 Guangzhou Huadushiling Project 

02 Guangzhou Yihe Center Project

03 Jumeirah Hotel Hainan Clear Water Bay

04 Holiday Inn Hainan Moon Bay

05 Longxin Center Commercial Complex

06 Yaofu International Financial Center

07 Liangping longxin pattern city

08 Nanyue Palace Museum

09 Zhengzhou Future Tower

10 Heyin Square Reconstruction

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