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Yanqiong Gan(Beijing)

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North China University of Technology    Architecture

Ms. Gan Yanqiong has over 20 years of working experience in public and private healthcare, laboratory, elderly care, and healthcare integration fields. She has nearly 10 years of experience in project management, which has made her very familiar with the differences of medical projects both domestically and internationally.

Ms. Gan has previously worked for leading domestic medical and elderly care companies, such as CR Healthcare and Taikang Community, where she mainly focused on design management and operation planning for multiple medical, elderly care, and healthcare integration projects. She has also collaborated with top international consulting firms. Ms. Gan is capable of taking both the client's and contractor's perspectives, fully considering the impact of operation strategies, time schedules, professional cooperation, construction, and procurement on projects, integrating resources of different partners, and thus controlling the progress, cost, and quality of projects, which has received unanimous praise from both employers and contractors.

Participation in major projects

01 CJFH Proton Therapy Center

02 Shenzhen Longzhu Hospital

03 Mianyang Central Hospital

04 Chinese CDC

05 Tianjin Fourth Hospital

06 Mudanjiang Xianfeng Hospital

07 Tianjin Beichen Hospital

08 Tianjin CDC

09 Tianjin Medical Emergency Center

10 Taikang Community

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