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Henry Yang(Beijing)

Personal details

PhD in Architecture and Urban Design, University of Newcastle
BritCham Infrastructure and Property Forum Co-Chair
Honorary Expert Wanda Cultural Industry Group
Member of ICSC

Participation in major projects

Dr. Henry Yang has a PhD in urban design and architecture from UK Newcastle University. With 8 years work and study experience in UK, and then work locally in China, which training him has international vision and also with local knowledge. He have a very good understanding of the trend of commercial development, and also understand the core knowledge of commercial design.Dr. Henry Yangis also good at explore the value of the commercial project, he is an expert in commercial circulation planning. 

Dr. Henry Yang has worked on the following projects: UK Ealing broadway, Beechwood Place retail development, Tyne Month residential development, HO port planning, Ho Chi Minh port planning, Shanghai shimao project, wanda changzhun mixed uses project, Zhengzhou shengrun mixed uses project, Kaifeng mixed development, shanghai yuzhou mixed uses project, Changsha zhibang mixed uses project, Kaifeng mixed uses projects and so on.

In addition to daily affairs,Dr. Henry Yangis also responsible for the commercial design and R&D of the company, and coordinates the company's internal and external investments and funds. He has formed strategic partnerships with local and international developers, retailers, green building research institutions, and industry associations to jointly create high-quality commercial project designs. Henry joined Haskoll in 2004 and came to China in 2009 to establish Haskoll China branch in Beijing. Currently,Dr. Henry Yang serves as the Managing Director of Haskoll China.

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