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Juan Ren(Beijing)

Personal details

Henan University of Economics and Law, Interior Design
Birmingham City University, UK Interior Design

Juan has a master in interior design from Birmingham City University, UK. She is deputy director and based in Beijing Head office where she leads the interior design team. 
Juan has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of Mixed Used, Shopping Centres, Tourism and Leisures, Residence, clubhouse, model rooms and other retails of outlets.
She leads in Tahoe Nanchang Cinema projects and help to save costs for the clients and won great reputation in not only in doing the projects but also in maintain good client relationships. 

Participation in major projects

01 Tahoe Nanchang Cinema
02 Jiangyin Chengtian Commercial Interior   
03 The Sanya Bay Mangrove Resort   
04 The Hainan Begonia Bay Mangrove Resort   
05 Qingdao Lingshan Bay Mangrove Resort   
06 Haskoll Head Office’s Interior  
07 Linyi London Gardens   
08 5 Tai an Dao Lobby Design  

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